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> Here is my question: Does anyone know a way around it? can you buy
> antifluorscein-AP conjugate from a third party, that is cheaper? Can
> you save the spent anticonjugate dilution and reuse it? any insight
> into this problem will be appreciated.
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> Ron Caspi

You could look around for a third party that sells the anti-fluor 
conjugate, but I don't know how much you would save. I use digoxigenin
because I started off making DIG probes with the BMB Genius kit (with 
which I am very happy) and have accumulated a big box of reusable probes.
What I have done to save $ was to get antiDIG-HRP conjugate since a 
lifetime supply of luminol substrate costs less than a month's worth of 
CDP-Star, CPSD, lumiphos, or whatever you use for AP detection. I still 
buy dUTP-DIG and the antibody from BMB, but not using their substrate 
cuts the cost of detection in half. (Protocols for homemade luminol kits 
are floating around on the www. I got several year's worth of luminol/
p-coumaric acid from Sigma for $30.) The sensativity dropped off a little
bit, but background is much less of a problem than with AP. Since it is
still plenty good enough detecting single copy sequences in 0.5 ug of
Arabidopsis DNA, I wouldn't go back even if it were the same price. 1 to 20
min exposures instead of 1 hr ones on genomic southerns is very convenient.
Good luck
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