cDNA protocols

Robert Pomponio, Ph.D. rpomponio at
Wed Mar 26 10:50:41 EST 1997

In response to your question about cDNA kits... I've tried and beta-tested
quite a few of them out there and the most reliable one I've used is the
Pharmacia First-strand cDNA synthesis kit.  I've done a head to head
comparison of their Ready-to-go cDNA kit, and the results were not as
consistent as the regular old kit.

Hope this helps
Rob Pomponio
Genzyme Genetics
Framingham, MA

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> Greetings,
> I am preparing total RNA via Tri reagent, and was wondering about the
> current popularity of cDNA kits or protocols.  If you have a protocol that
> works well I would appreciate a copy of it.
> Thanks,
> John Korte
> kortej at
> Oregon State Univ.
> Crop & Soil Science
> Corvallis, OR  97331
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