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s.pritchard mmd280 at
Wed Mar 26 06:49:57 EST 1997

Mr. G. Morley (gmorley at wrote:
: A colleague of mine is having problems running her
: protein gels.
: Although her 8% acrylamide sds gels dry down fine (normaly
: within 2-3hrs) her 10% gels are cracking on the gel dryer.
: She is pre-wetting her whatman and drying down at 80 degrees
: centigrade...
: I seem to remember something about higher percentage gels
: requiring either soaking, or the addition, of gelatin but
: I am not sure...also I seem to recall the drying temperature
: may be important - I used to dry down at 65 degrees c.
: If anyone has any ideas we would be much obligued to hear
: from you!
: Thanks in advance...
: Gary Morley
: gmorley at

we used to soak higher % gels in 3% glycerol as this was supposed to reduce
cracking.Give it a try

Stuart Pritchard

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