agarose gel electrophoresis

David Winterbourne sghk100 at
Wed Mar 26 05:50:57 EST 1997

In article <333208DD.517B at>, Rod Snowdon says...
>> I have observed the following phenomenon several times: when I cut
>> out a piece of agarose gel containing a single DNA band and place this
>> piece of gel on it's side, then I see two bands.
>Normal.  Assuming you've stained by immersing the gel in EtBr after
>electrophoresis, it's probably just that the staining solution hasn't
>diffused completely into the gel.

Yes. To overcome this problem you need to stain longer to allow saturation of 
ethidium bromide binding to the DNA. If insufficient time is given, you may 
expect to have a non-linear relation between fluorescence and DNA 

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