What is a "trypsinizing flask"?

Susan Hubchak hubchak at nwu.edu
Wed Mar 26 04:56:21 EST 1997

In article <13B68410D8 at t-bone.animal.ufl.edu>, PORTER at animal.ufl.edu
("Michael B. Porter") wrote:

> I am learning a technique for pituitary cell dispersion and the 
> references mention the use of a "trypsinizing flask". I am not sure 
> if this refers to a special type of flask or a flask treated with 
> trypsin.  I would appreciate any information which may clarify this 
> point. Thanks.
> Michael Porter
> University of Florida

I think it's a style of flask with indentations so that dispersed cells
will be driven to the "pockets" away from the stirring bar and the undigested
tissue.  Bellco (1-800-257-7043) sells them.

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