Cheaper Trizol Alternative?

Jason Eriksen jerikse at
Wed Mar 26 18:54:00 EST 1997

cstryker at (cynthia stryker) wrote:

>Has anyone used the Trizol "clones"?  Do they perform as well as 
>Trizol?  Which one is cheapest?  I'll post results after you all 
>respond.  TIA, Cindy at UNL

Trizol (Gibco BRL) is really a sophisticated monophase "clone" of the
GIT method described by Sacchi and Chomczynski in 1987 "Single-step
method of RNA isolation by acid guanidinium thiocyanate-
phenol-chloroform extraction."  That technique is great--I thank those
guys every time I have to do an RNA extraction. (The GIT method was
first described in a 1979 paper by Chirgwin.) Basically, any method
which uses the GIT extraction will yield *similar* results in terms of
total RNA volume.

I know that the RNA-Easy kit, manufactured by Quiagen (apologies for
the spelling), gives very good yields--one of my colleagues uses it
exclusively and gets beautiful yields.

I routinely use either Trizol or a homebrew GITsystem, and get good
yields with either. The advantage of making your own buffers is that
RNA extractions are much cheaper, and the extraction can be done in
just about the same amount of time that the Trizol technique takes.
The disadvantage of making homebrew is that quality of reagents and
careful preparation is essential in order to insure uniform results.


PS I'd be very interested to hear anyone's experiences with
Invitrogen's whole RNA isolation method, which uses GIT and CsCl

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