293 cells with transformed phenotype?

Andy amcshea at world.std.com
Wed Mar 26 20:03:34 EST 1997

Lloyd Graham (graham at dbe.csiro.au) wrote:
: At ATCC+12 passages, my 293 cells (HEK293) have spontaneously changed
: phenotype to poorly adhered cells that grow in clumps, rather as if they
: have undergone a spontaneous transformation. All I did was subculture them
: in a standard way.

Yep, I have seen that. As far as I made out if the cells got too dense it
really seemed to excacerbate the problem and they did tend to overgrow
transfections during seletion if they were successfully transfected,
although, the lee-transformed phenotype was generally more transfectable. 
In a nutshell, dont ever let them get too dense.


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