Cycle sequencing anyone?

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Thu Mar 27 20:53:52 EST 1997

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> Netters,
> For the sake of simplicity, I've attempted to cycle sequence both the 
> commercial plasmids and my own ds isolate as opposed to using the 
> standard protocol (we're using the Boehringer Taq polymerase kit and DIG 
> detection). (snip)

I fooled around with DIG detection a few yr ago, before the "beta testing"
results had been incorporated into the new protocols. Results: lotsa black
film. So I bagged it.

Couple of yr ago I decided to try non-R/A sequencing again, using a
biotinylated primer and detecting with the NEBL Phototope system. Worked
fine. Last yr I ported those same primers to cycle sequencing protocols--
Thermosequenase from Amersham and Sequitherm from 5'>3'--and the results
were just as acceptable. I sequence PCR products of human genomic DNA BTW.
It is very sensitive, and you can get away with a less-than-pristine template.

If you decide to try it let me know. I have a few tricks to ease the pain...

Good Luck,

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