Announcing "Q-RT-PCR": Software for quantitative RT-PCR

Peter Doris cbbpad at
Fri Mar 28 03:23:08 EST 1997

We are making available a software tool to assist in the estimation of gene
expression by competitive RT-PCR.

The software will establish whether amplification efficiencies of native and
competitor templates are similar and performs routine computation of gene
expression from reaction product accumulation and initial amount of
competitor (fg) added. Output is in molecules of native transcript. The
software can be used to estimate unknowns by titration across a range of
competitor amounts or can be used in single tube assay systems where the
estimate is derived from a single competitor dose (per unknown) assay.

The software is a 100kb Microsoft Excel 5 add-in module which makes use of
the spreadsheet, statistical analysis and graphing capabilities of Excel. A
manual has been prepared (Microsoft Word 6 and rtf) to assist in installing
the add-in module and using the software. Because of the cross-platform
functionality of Excel, this software will run on both Mac and Windows. It
has been tested on the Mac platform with Excel 5, on Windows 95 with Excel 7
and on Windows NT with Excel 5.

No licensing is currently required for non-profit use.

Both can be obtained at

Peter A. Doris
Dept. Cell Biology & Biochemistry
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lubbock, TX 79430
(806) 743 3046
(806) 743 2747 FAX

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