Protein Sequence Analysis ( Shareware )

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Fri Mar 28 09:29:02 EST 1997

I have written a program for protein sequence editing and analysis. This program runs under Windows 3.1 
and Windows 95. The program is called PROTEIN.EXE and can be found as PROT-SA.ZIP ate the 
following sites.

This program is SHAREWARE. The program can open and read any ASCII file. The user
highlights the sequence or a portion of the sequence to analyzed. The program can 
calculate the following ...

	... Amino acid composition
	... Hydrodynamic data, sedimentation coeff, Stoke's radius ( assuming globular shape )
	... Mass table for various isotope labels ( C13, N15, D20 )
	... Chare vs pH and isoelectric point
	... Esitmate UV spectrum form 230nm to 320nm
	... Relative hydrophobicity
	... Secondary structure using Garnier's method
	... Estimate Circular Dichroic spectrum from secondary structure

	The user may the following addition information for the calculations.
		... Number of disulfide bonds
		... Phosphorylation
		... Isotope labels
		... Number of cuts in the peptide backbone

	The program also inculed a DNA sequence editor and translator as
	as a number of calculators and worksheetes to aid the user. These
	are as follows ...
		... Invoke the Windows Calculator
		... Molecular weight calculator with the periodic table in a spreadsheet
		... Estimate the 280nm Absorbance Extiction coeff. for an 
			average native protein
		... Solve for mass from hydrodynamic data
		... List a searchable table of mass changes fro over 300 protein modifications.

A registered version of this program is availible with additional features. See the shareware
version for details.

Ira W. Palmer
palmeric at

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