gel sticking anomoly

John Korte kortej at
Fri Mar 28 17:29:46 EST 1997

Recently I read a thread about gels sticking to the glass plate, and the
person couldn't get the gel to lift off with the paper.  I thought at the
time that this was something to do with the glass plates, until I had the
same problem this week...It wasn't that the plates were any more adherent,
but, rather the paper I had switched to was much less!  I had thought that
since I was just using the paper as a backing, what difference does brand
make?  I had purchased a non-name brand to save some $$$, three days of gel
misery later, on a whim, I tried some of the original type (Whatmans, 3MM
Chromo) and the gel lifted right off the glass.  I realize that even this
is not the universal answer, but, definitely a good beginning.
John Korte
Oregon State University

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