Clontech MatchMaker Library problem

Ray Lu luray at
Mon Mar 31 09:30:29 EST 1997

Recently, I have screened a HeLa MatchMaker library with my bait plasmid. 
Since my protein has weak transcription activation activity, it is 
understandable that I got quite some colonies growing, and some of them are 
blank cloning vector pGAD GH. However, what has concerned me is that, about a 
half of the 40 colonies sequenced have a cDNA insert at a wrong orientation! A 
few sequences matched GenBank entries perfectly, but to the negative strand.

I have contacted Clontech. They told me they haven't got any complaints like 
this. What's going on with my screening? Did you have similar experience?

Ray Lu
Dept of Vet Micro
Univ of Sask, Canada
Ph (306)966-7228, Fax (306)966-7244
luray at

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