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Thomas R. Anderson babco at ix.netcom.com
Mon Mar 31 07:02:06 EST 1997

In <333C0BF9.451 at post.its.mcw.edu> Simon Twigger <simont at post.its.mcw.edu>
>Hi there,
>We would like to epitope tag our protein and Im trying to find out a bit
>more about the pros and cons of different tags. At the moment we are
>looking at the myc tag as it is small, ca. 10 residues, and there are
>commercially available antibodies for it. However these antibodies are
>rather pricy (ca. $200 for 100ug from Calbiochem or Pharmingen). I have
>tried to find information on HA tags but Im having trouble finding the
>epitope sequence and I can find noone selling antisera for it in our
>Does anyone know of a cheaper source of anti-C-myc antibodies?
>Can anyone point me to more information on the HA epitope/antibodies?
>Are there any other tags people would recommend (we dont really want to
>use a His tag)?
>Also, any words of wisdom on epitope tagging in general would be most
>appreciated. :)
>	Thanks in advance for any help with this.
>	Simon.
>Simon Twigger, 
>Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
>simont at post.its.mcw.edu

Hello Simon (and others)--

Our company, Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) sells the myc antibody,
both monoclonal and monoclonal antibodies against the HA epitope, a new
antibody against the 6-His epitope, as well as antibodies against several
other commonly used epitope tags. Furthermore, these antibodies are
available for prices less than those you quote in your letter.  I don't
want this reply to be too much of an advertisement, so if you want more
information about any of the epitope tag antibodies, or need the names of
our distributors outside the USA, please send an email, and we'll provide
you with the info you need.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Anderson
Berkeley Antibody Company  (BAbCO)
tel:  1-800-922-2226  (in the USA)
tel:  1-510-412-8939  (anywhere)
fax:  1-510-412-8940
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