I-125 BSA spill...help needed

ZOOMmmm zoommmm at aol.com
Thu May 1 16:14:25 EST 1997

Hi.  I'm a graduate student who found out that another graduate student in
our lab accidently squirted approximately 5 microliters of I-125 BSA for
an ubiquitin assay (PAGE/autoradiography) on his arm.  I'm not sure, but I
think he was using 1.0m Ci or less.  The problem is that it happened 2
weeks ago.  Yesterday, i finally told the Health/Safety officer that grad.
student spilled it and he didn't report it to anyone.  The Health/Safety
officer told our thesis advisor and the thesis advisor got pissed at me
and we had a yelling match.  The thesis advisor kinda threaten to kick me
out of the lab for telling the Health/Safety officer about the spill.  The
thesis advisor also said that the I-125 BSA is relatively safe to work out
on the lab bench in the open lab where there are at least 6 students
working.  He told me that the radioactivity is so low since I-125 is bound
to BSA.

Well, I am concerned about my safety and the others.  I don't want to work
there if that grad student is still working with that I-125 BSA out in the
open lab.  Next Wednesday, the whole lab will have to attend a
Radioactivity Safety Seminar.

I would like to get advice from anyone on the Net so I can ask the
Radioactivity Safety Officer as many questions as possible.  For those of
you who know much about I-125, please post any advice on the newsgroup. 
If the thesis advisor does kick me out, I want to bring up charges if
necessary.  Thank you.

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