reposted: colony PCR using pfu? is it possibly

C.L.L. ChunLin_Lu at
Thu May 1 09:00:16 EST 1997

Hi, everybody.
I should say sorry. I post a misleading message yestoday. The question  I
supposed to rase is colony PCR , not cloning PCR using pfu. We dont have
any problems with cloning PCR products made by pfu. We have some problems
recently, many people in our lab are using pfu I over-produced and
purified. It seemed to work OK in convential PCRs, but no success when
they used pfu for colony PCR screening. We did not compare with pfu from
stratagene side-by-side. Taq is fully suitful for colny PCR, but if pfu
worked, we could save some money. 

Any comments?


C.Lu at

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