Shipping Clones

Randy Willis willis at
Fri May 2 17:48:38 EST 1997

Andre-Denis G Wright wrote:
> Dear Folks,
>         A year or two ago, there was a post reporting how to ship clones by
> putting a drop on a sterile filter pad wrapped in aluminum foil.  I can't
> seem to find a reference for this procedure.  Is there one available?


  First, cool artwork!  Second, I have no idea of a reference for this
technique but I have used it a few times and no one on the other end has
ever complained about non-viability.  Give it a shot.  The only concern
I would have would be if it stayed away from liquid too long, so for the
longer journeys, I would recommend only doing it by courier.  On the
other hand, placing the sterile foil package in a small plastic bag
might help retain the moisture.

Good luck,

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