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> >Does anyone know a machine that is able to work with the following
> >parameters:
> >
> >400 V, 125 uF
> Yes... The BTX EC600 can do exactly what you want.  That's why I opted for
> it rather than the device you are using.  

As a user of the Gene Pulser 2, I can tell you that 400V and 125uF is a
pretty vanilla setting that it and any decent electroporater should be
able to handle. I think Steffen's particular needs were these former
settings plus this latter statement...

"Additionally I have to place a 5 Ohm resistance in series with the
anode. "

This spec I'm not aware of in Bio-Rad's or BTX's machines, both of which
our group tested (we opted for Bio-Rad's unit on general quality and
reproducibility issues plus personal subjectiveness of course).


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