I-125 BSA spill...help needed

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>If handled properly, 125-I is safe.  Its radiation is penetrating, and
>lead is the preferred shielding medium.   Your advisor is correct: if
>properly removed from free 125-I, the idoinated BSA prep would be
>"relatively" safe to use on the bench in small trace amounts, presuming YOU

As a barely-related comment here, my former lab once ran into an
unexpected problem with free 125-I in iodinated peptides.  The guy making
the prep used his standard protocol for removing the free 125-I from
proteins, but didn't fully account for the smaller size of the peptides. 
With the separation method he used, there turned out to be a significant
amount of free 125-I in the prep even after what he thought was
purification.  This problem was discovered when the user of the iodinated
peptides (not the guy who made them) was positive on his thyroid scan. 
(There was no long-term problem for him, though he was not allowed to [and
didn't want to, not that I can blame him] work with iodination for the
next year) and the source of the problem was quickly identified and solved
with different separation.)  I only mention this in the hope that it will
stop someone else, somewhere, from making the same mistake.   Personally,
I've never used iodination and hope I never will.  

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