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> At 14:47 5/2/97 GMT, Steffen Mueller wrote:
> Steffen:
> >Does anyone know a machine that is able to work with the following
> >parameters:
> >
> >400 V, 125 uF
> Yes... The BTX EC600 can do exactly what you want.  That's why I opted for
> it rather than the device you are using.  BTX can be contacted through
> Genetronics and it is located at 11199-A Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego,
> CA  92121-1334.  (619) 597-6006.  I apologize, but I do not know of a
> European location.
> Hope this helps,
> David
> No affiliation, but just a very satisfied customer.
we also have the BTX EC600 and have found it to work very nicely.  one
caveat however is that most of the labs that we've gotten electroporation
protocols from for various cell lines use the Bio-Rad machine and porting
protocols over from that machine (with it's essentially idiot-proof
minimum of variables) can sometimes be tricky.  on the other hand, BTX
publishes a great reference book and if you call them up or check out
their website, you can get access to published and submitted protocols for
various applications.


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