DT40 chicken cell line

Aydemir Akin, DVM akin at omni.cc.purdue.edu
Sat May 3 11:22:19 EST 1997

I have been using DT-40s for a while now and I grow them in
   1X DMEM containing 5%FBS and 5%Chicken serum (heat-inactivated) along with
   I filter the media prior to addition of both serums with no problem. 
Chicken serum can be filtered but I find it unnecessary.  If you don't
filter it however, you get these "flakes" in the culture flasks.  To avoid
filtering of the chicken serum and the "flakes (I believe they are some
lipids)" I would remove some complete medium from the top of the bottle
with minimal disturbance of the bottle (no shaking or mixing by pipetting)
and dispense it into the flasks as usual.
   I also tried ATCC's recipe but I prefer the above due to its ease of

Aydemir Akin, DVM

In article <bbeitzel-0205971205120001 at idl04.salk.edu>,
bbeitzel at jeeves.ucsd.edu (Brett Beitzel) wrote:

> Anybody ever used DT40 cells?  I have just started trying to grow some and
> have a few questions:
>    1)  What medium do you grow them in?  
>    2)  If you use the medium recommended by ATCC
> (DMEM,beta-mercaptoethanol, glutamine,chicken serum, fetal bovine serum,
> and tryptose phosphate broth,) how do you prepare it?  I tried to filter
> 500mls of it, and the filter plugged after 100mls.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,

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