homemade electroporator

Bryan L. Ford fordb at bcc.orst.edu
Mon May 5 08:22:58 EST 1997

> Does anyone recall an article a while back on the construction of a
> "homemade" electroporator?

Yes, I built one from information and references gleaned from Current
Protocols ca. 1990 (there may also have been something in Biotechniques
from the late 80's on this). The unit I designed had (if I recall
correctly) a 25 or 50 microfarad capacitor, was charged using a
sequencing power supply and had various selectable shunting resistors to
determine the pulsewidth. There was a large (200 ohm ?, 25 watt ?)
resistor in series with the discharge path to limit currents in cases of
accidental or intentional shorting. The unit worked very well and cost a
total of less than $200. However, it took considerable work to order,
scrounge or fabricate all the pieces and do the assembly... for this
reason, if I were to have to do it again I might consider buying one
outright. Other advantages to the ready-made types are that the safety
and operational parameters are usually well defined. 

Good luck,

Bryan L. Ford

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