Gold particles sticking to eppendorfs

John Korte kortej at
Wed May 7 18:55:25 EST 1997

I've used sigma-cote in the past to silanize the epp. tubes, that seemed to
work pretty well.
Good luck,
John Korte

Kristian H. Jensen <mantar at> wrote in article
<5kq5rg$pag at>...
> Dr. Randal W. Giroux (randyg at wrote:
> : We use particle bombardment to introduce genes into plant cells. In
> : preparing the gold particles with the DNA solution, we find that the
> : particles start to stick to the sides of the tube. During this process
> : need to continually scrape the gold back into solution. One suggestion
> : to use Treff brand tubes, but even these tubes show poor results.
> : Anyone out there have any suggestions or tricks they use in their labs
> : keep the gold off the tube walls.
> : We use the standard 2.5 M CaCl followed by spermidine ppt method.
> : Scratching my head as well as the eppendorfs
> : Randy
> I have found 0.02% triton X-100 (final conc.) to reduce binding 
> of magnetic particles to plastic. Just a thought.
> Kristian.

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