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Rory O'Brien. Biotechnology. ROBRIEN at ollamh.ucd.ie
Wed May 7 12:45:48 EST 1997

Hi All,
I would like to use a digitizer tablet/electronic pen to input data 
from autorads into gel analysis software. I have experimented with 
scanned images of autorads and various software packages for band 
selection and, whilst these will deal with perfect autorads, even 
slight background can cause problems with automated band selection. I am 
resigned to picking bands manually and would like to use a 
combination of digitizer pad and database software. Ideally, I would 
like to be able to pick my molecular ladders and sample bands and 
have everything converted to molecular weights suitable for inputting
into a database. Does anybody out there use such a system ? Can you 
recommend a pad/software combination ?
Thoughts and comments please.

- Rory

Rory O'Brien.
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