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You should get a thermal printer through almost any better computer 
and or foto store. They should be 1Kbucks or less. It just 
needs a standard video input. Try to find a radio technician to ask 
her for details on that. As far as I know, there are several brands 
on the market, they come out of the range of video and photographic 
suppliers, as e.g hitachi, kodak, toshiba and so. 

Another idea would be buying a frame grabber card (should be 
included in those new TV tuner cards for PCs -and Macs ? - for maybe 
$250 or less). Important is an extra video signal input for the 
CCD camera. Then you could be able to store and analyze your photos 
directly on your computer or print them out with a laser or ink jet 

you might find additional info on 
(no affilations)
Good luck!


> Hi, I am looking to build a gel documentation system and noted that
> a new type of thermal printer is available which doesn't use paper
> but some sort of thermal sensitive plastic. The longevity of the
> prints is better than paper according to the Pharmacia sales rep.
> But I do not want to spend $10,000 for the system and could piece
> together a system for a fraction of the cost. Yet I would need a
> stand alone printer. Does any one know where I might get such thing?
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