Shearing DNA

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At 09:34 5/6/97 -0500, eric anderson wrote:
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>> Ian,
>> why don't you try nebulizing the DNA ?  someone in this department uses
>> nebulization very frequently and has his system finely tuned to generate a
>> median fragment size of about 3 Kb. He uses it for making shotgun
>> libraries for large scale sequencing. If you are interested, drop me a
>> line and I can pass this person's e-mail address to you. The procedure is
>> so foolproof that we used it on an undergraduate molecular biology lab :)
>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>actually, foolproof is when it works in the hands of a rotation grad
>student _AND_ a postdoc.


Umm... are you serious???  A nebulizer?   That noisy machine that
aerosolized albuterol for various members of my family when the pollens and
molds get too high?

Would you kindly elaborate?

Many thanks in advance,

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