Does Amersham care about environment?

Zhengyang Wu zywzyw at
Wed May 7 11:06:52 EST 1997

Amersham often uses much dry-ice, very large box to send small thing I ordered
from them. When I order 2 pieces of a same kit, they send me 2 packages

So I wonder:

1. Are they rich? Dry-ice and shipping are not cheap, so I guess that they 
make very good money.

2. Does they care about the environment? When others try to reuse the 
package materials, they use a single package for each tiny thing I order. Can
they not just be less lazy and put that 2 small pieces in one box?

Too bad I think. Now I avoid Amersham as far as there alternatives from 
other companies.

Thanks for your attention! 
Zhengyang Wu, e-mail: zywzyw at
Vastanagatan 20-215, S-582 35, Linkoping, Sweden

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