Uneven PCR -- Have you heard of it yet?

R.F.Whittier tsu01135 at KORYU.STATCI.GO.JP
Fri May 9 01:50:53 EST 1997

No, that is the first time I ever heard of it under that name. 
But indeed, it is a very useful and convenient method.

A rose by any other name. . .

There are so many good scientists out there publishing that 
sometimes good publications are overlooked, and the wheel gets 
reinvented. That seems to be the unfortunate case here. Our name 
for this method is TAIL-PCR (Thermal Asymmetric Interlaced PCR) 
and we published it early in 1995 in GENOMICS 25: 674--681 for 
use recovering YAC and P1 insert ends, and in the March 1995 issue 
of The Plant Journal 8: 457--463 for recovering T-DNA insert 
junctions from total genomic DNA. Direct sequencing of reaction 
products (no recovery steps) is covered in NAR 21: 3333--3334. 
I still have reprints of the GENOMICS and Plant J. papers for 
anyone who wants to request them from me. The method is a very 
convenient substitute for inverse PCR, particularly in 
repetitive applications. Numerous European laboratories have 
reported back to me that they now use it routinely, as do we.

The method is a clever one, and both Yao-Guang Liu in my group 
and Xiongfong Chen in Ray Wu's lab deserve credit for having 
thought of it, and for having worked out practical conditions 
(albeit somewhat different conditions) for its use.

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