I-125 BSA spill...(you did the right thing)

Chris Baba cbaba at erols.com
Thu May 8 20:57:04 EST 1997

ZOOMmmm wrote:  (second post)
> I would like to add some more info.  I think I didn't add enough info in
> my last post.  That grad student who accidently squirted himself with the
> I-125 BSA was at low concentrations, perhaps 1 m Ci or less (I don't
> know).  Additionally, I was appointed as "Safety Officer" by my thesis
> advisor.  If i didn't tell the Health/Safety officer about it, I don't
> think that grad student would have told anyone about it til he gets sick
> or something.  After the thesis advisor knew about the situation, the
> advisor just gave that grad student a "slap on the wrist."  On that day, I
> saw him walking around the lab with the I-125 BSA with no gloves or lab
> coat.  I never saw him using gloves or lab coat anyways.  I don't know if
> he knows that stuff is really hazardous even though the BSA is already
> labelled with I-125, bought from a company.  I know that the grad student
> did not go to any Radiation Safety seminar, so I believe the thesis
> advisor did not tell him to go.  So it's not the fault of the Radiation
> Safety; the Radiation Safety personnel, i heard, are very informative for
> people who uses radioactivity.
> Thank you.

    I can't believe the responses to your postings about radiation
safety.  Clearly a spill of 1 mCi of I-125 onto a persons skin is "major
spill" requiring immediate notificating of the proper people.  You were
entirely correct, and morally and legally obligated to report this spill
to your radiation safety office.  If you felt that  your PI would not
handle the situation properly, as it appears that he/she did not, then
clearly you are obligated to report this to your radiation safety office
    Working with radiation in the lab is fairly easy to do in a safe and
effective manner as long as people use the proper safety procedures.  Of
course it can be irritating and inconvient to wear gloves, goggles, lab
coat, and even a lead vest, but it's neccessary.

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