Structure of His-Tag complex

Thorsten Schmidt Thorsten.Schmidt at
Sun May 11 14:42:36 EST 1997

Dear reader!

The His-Tag-System is widely used for protein purification.
(Novagene, Quiagen ...)

Using a special expression vector, a "His-Tag", a repeat of six Histidines,
is added to the target protein.
A special resin is then loaded with nickel-ions.
When one loads the column with a protein mixture only the target protein
forms with its histidines a complex with the nickel and the resin.
After washing steps the protein can be eluted with a buffer containing
(Imidazole is the side chain of Histidine and competes with the target
for the Ni-Ions.

I want to know the exact structure of this complex (Resin, Ni, 6

Can you help me, perhaps tell me a reference? 

Thank you very much in advance for your answer


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