Degenerate Oligo Hybridization

Davide Corona corona at
Mon May 12 04:45:02 EST 1997

Hello folks...

	I have a little problem ...I would like to perform a Northern using as
a probe 3 degenerate oligos (17-21 mer)..designed from the sequnce
information we had from three protein fragments...

	Unfortunately I have not succeded with the PCR clone the
gene I'm looking for (it's seems it is a new one !!!No identity of the
three peptide fragments with any proteins !) I would like to
perform a Northern just to see whether my oligos  hybridize to the same
	My degenarate oligos contain also Inosine (as universal
base...)...might Inosine somehow interfere with the hybridization ?\
	Has anyone ever tried this approach ?

	Please Help Me !

Davide Corona

e-mail : corona at

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