Reliable cDNA library construction kits

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Mon May 12 10:19:00 EST 1997

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> Hi,
>   I think your best bet is the lambdaZAPII cloning kit from Stratagene. 
> It tends to be a gold standard when it comes to lambda cloning in my 
> experience

If you want to clone in a plasmid (such as for direct expression of cloned
cDNA), the Stratagene cDNA synthesis kit is the "beginning" of the
lambdaZAP kit. I had extremely good results with this kit (ligating ca. 2%
of the >1kb cDNA gave 340,000 clones, so the test ligation became the main
ligation and the desired clones were isolated...). However, I would
recommend taking the excluded fractions from the Sephacryl column
(depleted of adapters, etc.) and doing a size selection on LGT agarose.

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