software to quantitate electrophoretograpms, western blots and rapid membrane tests

Dom Spinella dspinella at
Mon May 12 15:25:52 EST 1997

Carl Good writes:
> I need software to quantitate a computer image of a western blot or
> immunchromatographic device. I have heard that NIH has some "freeware" for
> creating a scan of image density vs position i.e. a chromatogram. This
> allows one to get quantitative information from gel eletrophoresis, western
> blots or any pattern of image density once it is scanned into a computer
> image.
> Please contact me if you know how to get such software from NIH or a
> commercial source.
> Thanks for your help

Carl: I presume you are refering to the NIH Image Software package that
will let you do this and a whole host of other things.  You can download
the (free) software from:

(Sorry, but my browser won't let me add the URL as a direct hypertext
link, so you'll just have to type it in).  Hope that helps.  Cheers.  --
D.G. Spinella

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