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Mon May 12 11:22:23 EST 1997

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>Hello there
>Is anyone using the programm clone manager 4.0?
>I'm very interested in what you think about it. Please react soon,
>because we are thinking of buying the programm in the near future.
>Brenda Hendriks
>e-mail:hendrikb at

Our lab uses Clone Manager 4.0 (and has since its earliest DOS days). This is a superb program -- we use it to simulate all clone constructyion before we do it, to make sure the product is what we want. THe companion Primer Designer program is also excellent, and you can analyze the predicted PCR product within Clone Manager to see whether the product is what you designed. The program also finds open reading frames, does translations, etc. It maintains the information about all genes, coding regions, special sites, and restriction sites, within the sequence file. Virtually all operations are accomplished graphically. It's easy to use and extraordinarily productive. 

The lead programmer is a former phage lambda molecular biologist who has acquired really excellent programming skills -- the program is designed for researchers to use. 

Others who've used Clone Manager tell me it's better than anything else available for Windows or Mac. 

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