[REQ] Salmonella detection By PCR method

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hanbit at soback.kornet.nm.kr (Wan G. Lee) wrote:

 WGL> Is there anybody who knows salmonella detection technique by PCR?
 WGL> Is commercial PCR kit for it available now?

I know of two kits commercially available:

1) PROBELIA Salmonella sp. from Sanofi­Pasteur

2) Taqman Salmonella from Perkin Elmer

Both need the normal pre­enrichment of the product to test and both use a
matrix based DNA­extraction technique (included in the Probelia kit, for PE
you have to buy it yourself). Now for the differences:

1) Probelia uses a PCR followed by a microtiter plate hybridisation detection
method. All standard work and equipment for those who are used to Elisa's.

2) Taqman is only a PCR but you have to measure the fluorescence of the PCR­mix
before and after the PCR­reaction and from these data calculate the result.
This means that you have to use PE equipment (fluorimeter, Excel macro,
disposibles) but it's a very elegant method.

with regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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