What is the maximum length of synthetic oligonucleotide ?

Troels Wind wind at biobase.dk
Tue May 13 08:20:39 EST 1997

Lee Jae-Hyun (leejh at worak.kaist.ac.kr) wrote:
: Is there anybody who knows about the maximum length of synthetic

: oligonucleotide commercially available ?

: And where can I get those long synthetic oligonucleotide ?

I just talked to the company from where I usually by my oligos and asked
them if it would be a problem to get a 75mer. Thet said that it wouldnt
be a problem, as long as the oligo is purified by HPLC or the like.
The issue (according to the company) is that the coupling reaction has
a 99% efficiency, therefore increasing amounts of shorter oligos will
be present in the final pool as the oligo gets longer, and of course these has
to be removed by purification. 
I dont know if there is a practical maximum...


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