Host and Ligation

Edgar Valencia edgar at CIFN.UNAM.MX
Tue May 13 21:38:53 EST 1997


Do you know whether your strain is Rec A(-)? If not, try with a RecA-
Do you know whether your cloned genes are toxic for the bacteria? that
could be a problem and the only clones which will survive are those with
rearrangements, mutations or deletions
Do you know whether your genes are transcribed actively?, transcription
could stimulate rearrangement formation even in a recA- background
On 13 May 1997, William wrote:

Hope this helps

> Hi,
>    I have a problem about ligation and host. I transformat plasmid, which
> is ligate in 16=A2J and 16 h , to XL1-Blue. But the final size isn't my
> expect. Does someone know what happen to my host? Should I use another
> strain to be Host? Thanks!

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