Miniprep method

Brett Beitzel bbeitzel at
Wed May 14 09:27:41 EST 1997

There is a method that was in biotechniques within the last couple of
years called the "speed prep," which basically involved resuspending the
bacterial pellet in a LiCl containing buffer and doing a phenol
extraction.  I've tried it a couple of times without much success, but
maybe its just me.

Brett Beitzel
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> Hello,
> I am looking for protocols or kits fo plasmid minipreps that do not
> involve denaturation of DNA, i.e. neither alkaline nor boiling lysis. If
> anyone knows about any such methods, please drop me a line.
> Many thanks in advance.
> J.E. Mejia
> Institute of Molecular Medicine
> John Radcliffe Hospital
> Oxford OX3 9DS, UK
> jmejia at

Brett Beitzel
Infectious Disease Lab
Salk Institute
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