What is the maximum length of synthetic oligonucleotide ?

Tim Buss tbuss at fred.fhcrc.org
Wed May 14 14:09:18 EST 1997

In article <337885DC.522D at uic.edu>, Keld Sorensen <KeldS at uic.edu> wrote:

> If you have a 99% yield and want to make a 75mer your yield will be 47%,
> i.e. entirely possible.
> If you want to make a 200 mer, then your yield will be 13% - not great,
> but probably possible.
> Keld.

I'd just add that if you are going to have a long oligo synthesised, gel
purify it before using it. I have just constructed a gene using "long
oligos" and all the clones I have sequenced so far contain multiple
deletions at random points.


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