Does Amersham care about environment?

Paul psansom at
Thu May 15 11:16:42 EST 1997

Are you serious? Shipping of material in this way ensures that it's
actually useable when it arrives.

Items are shipped individually for a number of reasons - picking and
packing (not all goods are in a single warehouse, or even single state),
security (better to lose one parcel than both items - not that they'd
ever lose a parcel), reduce cross-contamination in case of a breakage,
Customs requirements for international transport. Probably someone else
can come up with even more.

Dry ice provides protection for volatile/unstable goods, there has to be
plenty of it as no-one knows how long the parcel will sit around for,
especially for international trips.
The box also provides physical protection. Maybe you'd like your
nuclides in an envelope dropping through the postbox to go smash on the

Also, Amersham operate a return policy for their packaging - if you can
be bothered.


I have no connection with Amersham except that I've always been pleased
with their service and products.

Zhengyang Wu wrote:
> Amersham often uses much dry-ice, very large box to send small thing I ordered
> from them. When I order 2 pieces of a same kit, they send me 2 packages
> separately.
> So I wonder:
> 1. Are they rich? Dry-ice and shipping are not cheap, so I guess that they
> make very good money.
> 2. Does they care about the environment? When others try to reuse the
> package materials, they use a single package for each tiny thing I order. Can
> they not just be less lazy and put that 2 small pieces in one box?
> Too bad I think. Now I avoid Amersham as far as there alternatives from
> other companies.
> Thanks for your attention!
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