pKK223 vector---overexpression?

Thu May 15 20:08:36 EST 1997

Hi netters.

I currently working on expression of the recombinant viral protein 
in prokaryotic system.
The vector I've been used for the expression is pKK223-3 from Pharmacia and 
the host cell is a JM105 the company provided.

The problem is that the expression level of that viral protein as well as
other control protein was quite low in spite of every efforts for optimizing 

Other guys have experienced the pKK vector said to me that the vector
pKK223 doesn't quite ideal for the overexpression of recombinant protein
than pET series.

Is anyone have experienced the overexpression of certain protein using
pKK vector series? ,,Or could you give me some tips on dealing with
pKK223 vector?

Thank you in advance.

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