ELISA for Hisx6 proteins

nozmw at non1.med.nottingham.ac.uk nozmw at non1.med.nottingham.ac.uk
Fri May 16 13:21:02 EST 1997

Thomas Cameron <cameron at risotto.mit.edu> wrote:

>Has anybody ever set up a ELISA using either Hisx6 tagged proteins or
>S-peptide to S-protein affinity?

>I think I remember seeing an ELISA plate sold by SIGMA that specifically
>binds HIS-tagged proteins, but I can't find the info anymore.

>Thomas Cameron
Ni-NTA -HRP or Ni-NTA-Hrp conjugates are also available from Qiagen
for detection of hexahistidine labelled proteins. If anyone has any
experience of these in an ELISA I would be grateful for any
details/tips/teething problems.
Michele Writer

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