Digesting lambda prep

Robert Saunders r.d.c.saunders at dundee.ac.uk
Sat May 17 10:47:18 EST 1997

Mario Pineda wrote:
> I have done various phage preps in an EMBL3A Library and have yet to be
> able to cut my insert out of the phage.  I am digesting with EcoRI and
> have tried taking up the prep only in water, overloading the enzyme.  I
> read that there may be some problem with using the agar/top agarose
> plates.  DOes anyone have any ideas?  Could really use some help.
>         Thanks,
>         Mario Javier Pineda

In my experience, the golden rule is to always use liquid lysates! 
There are many possible problems with DNA extracted from plate lysates.


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