WTB: Used Nebulizer to ship NOW to Philippines

JOHN DULANEY jdulaney at mindlogic.com
Sun May 18 11:23:42 EST 1997

Used ok. Need filters as well, right?
	I'll pay for it and air shipping direct to Manila, Philippines if
anyone has a good quality 110 or 220 V. nebulizer for my 32 year old
nephew, Ronnie Valenzuela.
	Long and typical story you all know too well but this just came
back last Sept. when he used latex paint and now he's 3 X in hospital in
1997 alone with IV and near death - also possible diabetes we now hear.
	Married, wife, no kids.
	My wife ...no sleep.
	I'll pay by any means, time is of the essence.
	The Manila hospital nebulizer costs a fortune each time used. 
	They need one fast. I suggest he leave SMOGGY/DUSTY Manila, what
do you say? And advice? I want him and his mom to come here or go Baguio
(high mountain) - good idea?
	All help appreciated.
	Thanks...John (and Jojo) Dulaney 1-510-673-0101 or e-mail - I
check it 5 times a day.
	I'll pay anyway you want, I just want a good quality one - and

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