number of biotins on a biotinylated-IgG?

Austin Seo austin at
Mon May 19 02:22:56 EST 1997

You cannot control the exact moles of biotin molecules per mole of
protein becuase of the nature of the derivatization reaction. It will
always be a distribution.

All companies will admit that they really don't know, and can only
provide estimates.

Maybe you could do dot-blots on known concentrations of biotin on a
strip of nitrocellulose?

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University of British Columbia

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Marko wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to determine the detection limit for my streptavidin-alkaline
> phosphatase. In the product information sheet they mention that this
> batch can detect 31 pg of biotinilated-IgG. My question now is how
> many biotins are there on such a IgG...thus how many moles of biotin
> molecules do I need to get a good signal.
> thanks in advance,
> Marko

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