Detection of 3H-Leu by Autoradiography ?

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Mon May 19 10:29:11 EST 1997

>Does this mean that sodium salicylate acts as a scintillant?
>> There is a more simple method.  Just soak the gel in 1M Na
>> Salicylate (Na salt of Salicylic acid) and then dry it down.  If the
>> gel is higher than 9-10% acrylamide, soak it in some 5% glycerol to
>> prevent shattering.  after drying it will be ready for
>> autoradiography.
>> This technique is called fluorography, btw...

Exactly. I second the suggestion, but add that PPO/DMSO gives somewhat sharper
bands. Commecial product$ that do the same, such as En3Hance or Amplify, seem to
be based on a chemistry similar to the latter method (judged by my nose), and
may be more efficient but much more expen$ive.
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