Biotechniques Euro-edition subscription ?

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Tue May 20 01:51:57 EST 1997

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> Hi all,
> I would like to subscribe to the European mutation of Biotechniques ('Euro-edition'), as 
> I am currently graduating and coming back to Poland. However, the Biotechniques web page 
> does not seem to provide for this option, neither does it contain any e-mail address 
> allowing to contact any human being. Therefore I would greatly appreciate if some more 
> enlightened sould could help me...
> Zbyszek Rudzki
you should check:

There is a check button with "euro-edition", and another one (depart of
the name, address fields) labelled with "yes, I want to receive 
(continue to receive) BioTechniques".

Otherwise you can send a fax: +31 23 5623024 (Attn: Response Department)

Hope this helps, Sebastian

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