CTAB? What's it for?

Michael Cooley cooley at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Mon May 19 17:03:45 EST 1997

Hi, I have a couple of different procedures for extraction of DNA from
plants which use CTAB, which is supposed to eliminate polysaccharide.
But how does this stuff work? The reason I ask is that in one procedure
the CTAB is included in the extraction buffer and I was told that CTAB
is included because it allows the DNA to move into solution without
solubilizing the polysaccharide. Yet, in another procedure CTAB is used
after an initial grinding in extraction buffer and isopropanol
precipitation of the DNA. So obviously if the polysaccharide was going
to move into solution it would have done so already. This second
procedure is from the Van Montagu lab and is probably reliable. So what
gives? Does CTAB get rid of the polysaccharides or prevent them from
being extracted in the first place?
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