2-D:Prepouring and storing first dimension gels?

Hiranya Roychowdhury hroychow at NMSU.EDU
Tue May 20 21:16:17 EST 1997

At 05:47 PM 5/20/97 -0700, Jerry Kropp wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>Question from a lazy newbie to 2-D. Is it possible to pour a mess of tube
>gels (IEF) and store them away for later use?
>If so, what temp. and for how long?
>Please respond via email, as I don't get to visit the group as often as I
>would like.
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It is OK to store the gels at -20 to -70 after the electrofocussing run (1st dimension). I have tried using the tube gels, that I stored at -20 and -70, for IEF. The results have not been great. Since 2-D is prone to all kinds of little lapses, it was difficult to pin the results (or the lack thereof) on storage of the tubes for any length of time. I suspect that the ampholine mixtures go bad within a short time once the gel has polymerized. However, I do seem to remember seeing in one of O'Farrel's original papers that the tubes may be stored at -70 (provided the glass withstands) following the prefocussing step. 

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