digesting pcr products

Ken Soderstrom soderstk at ucs.orst.edu
Tue May 20 14:49:41 EST 1997

I've had problems w/ HindIII & PCR fragments - overnight digestion helped a

Good luck,

Ken Soderstrom
soderstk at ucs.orst.edu

Paul Rudnick <rudnick at flash.net> wrote in article
<338145DF.5564 at flash.net>...
> Hello-
> I have been repeatedly trying to clone a pcr product generated from
> primers containg engineered restriction sites.  I am aware that some
> enzymes require more than a few bases downstream to properly cut,
> however I did check a chart for cutting the ends of fragments and these
> enzymes should have sufficient room.  The product was generated with pfu
> and the enzymes are HindIII and HincII.  Any ideas why the product won't
> clone?
> Thank in advance!
> Paul

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