Gel Purification -- Anyone else have this problem?

Brenda Gerhardt bgerhar at
Wed May 21 08:39:27 EST 1997

Timothy J. Kordas wrote:
> I have my own bad experiences with these "time saving kits". When it
> comes to purifying a DNA fragment from a gel, I have been using the
> freeze squeeze (minus the freeze) method and it has worked very well. I
> simply place a small cotton plug (the material in disposable filtered
> pipettes) in the bottom of a 0.65ml tube with a small hole burned in the
> end. I place this inside a 1.5ml tube and spin the gel slice 5min. on
> high speed in a microcentrifuge. The eluate is ready to go. I usually
> phenol chloroform/chloroform extract and ethanol precipitate. I haven't
> had any problems and it takes about 20 minutes.
> Brenda

Sorry about the error in the first paragraph. I do not freeze the gel

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